The first Information of our Midi-Flute Model 2017

New Pocket Sista Modell 2017:

Pocketsista 2017 Side

PocketSista 2017 Sideview

PocketSista 2017 Front

Pocket Sista 2017 FrontView

The design has changed.  It looks like the BigOne, but is without Display only 4 cm in width and rd. 26 cm long.
We will inform you about the new prices in the next few days.

The Midi-Flute has the same technical specs as the 2016 Pocket Sista with following changes:

  • It has the fast CPU on board.
  • The Pocket Sista 2017 has Halftone up and Halftone down button
  • The new Midi Flute has Pitchbend up/down and Vibratocontroller integrated.
  • As Option, we can deliver the Midi-Flute with a display. With an ordered display, the flute is longer (rd. 30/32 cm – We need the space for the display :)).

First look at our Proto SlideWhistle (The new Bro):

Bro Slidewhistle

First look of the Bro SlideWhistle

Specs: 4 Octave SlideWhistle

New Midi-Flutes Models 2017

We are working on our new Midi-Flute models 2017.

This results in changes in our model range. The current model Bro is obsolete. Customer prefer the Big One Midi-Flute instead. Our Midi-Flute Pocket Sista has been completely revised and will be presented in the coming days.

We think that our  new Midi-Flute Model “Pocket Sista 2017” is a great Midi-Flute from Design and technique.

In addition, we will present a new bro for you in our Midi-Flute series. This wind controller is unlike Pocket Sista, Big One a Midi-Flute designed as a Slide Whistle Midi-Flute.

All new technical specifications, prices and pictures, we will announce in the coming days.

We open the Shop for all countrys from our Distribution list.

Question and answers from our customers

  • When can I order the flutes from my country ?
    In mid/end of March we have opened the shop for ordering for all countrys listed in our Distributionlist. If your country is not listed, please send us a email and we will look, what we can do for you.
  • Why you restrict the order quantity from Sista/Bro and BigOne ?
    Please understand that we can not accept orders through our shop with order quantitys of more then 3 pieces per Sista / Bro or Big One.
    If you wish to order larger quantities, please ask in advance by e-mail, so that we can clarify the delivery times.
    We do not produce in stock, only on customer orders. To serve many customers as possible with low delivery time, we need to introduce such a restriction.
  • Why do I have only a limited right of return ?
    Our products are produced according to specific customer requirements. Thus we are able to respond flexible to the market (including the procurement market).
    Furthermore, the kit contains items such as software or hygienic products, which can not be withdrawn after opening the package. Please note and remember this in your order!
  • When can I order the BigOne ?
    Good news. The parts that are missing to complete the kits are on the way to us, so we will open the order channel for the BigOne shortly. The problem was that many companies are bought at the moment and thereby many components and parts are not produced or the production is even set.
  • What languages did you support ?
    At the moment, the software and the descriptions are in german or english. If you have a Midi-Flute from us and you are willing to help us with the translation, pls contact us.

Thanks for the great interest in our products!

Dipl. Inf. Peter Walter Matschke

Testing the sound of our new Synth

BigOne Front

We checked out the new synthesizer with our Midi-Flutes. We recorded direct from line-out of the synth, without changing anything on the Music.

We used all three Midi-Flutes for the check.  Peter’s Big One,  Peter’s Bro  and  Peter’s Pocket Sista.

The recorded melodys. Free played, right out of the Box to check some instruments of the Synthesizer. The blowing noise is to loud on the instrument, but as we found out, can be regulated on the Synth.