Peter’s Big One

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Attention: You cannot upgrade the Flute with the optional standard Midi-Out Interface, if you buy the pur USB-Version Peter’s Big One, cause this Flute has another Firmware and tail.  Peter’s Big One+ instead. This model has the optional Standard Midi-Out Interface included.

Peter’s Big One has a length from round about 43 cm (without Mouthpiece) and a weight of ca. 390 Gramm (without ext. Midiadapter/Accu)

Peter’s Big One has a complete different electronic as Peter’s Pocket Sista and Bro.
Differences are in electronic, functionality and Size.
The Motherboard is more powerful and run with the double Speed.
The Flute has additional electronic to expand the function with max. 5 additional Controllers.

Peter’s Big One has a USB-Midi and a Standard Midi-Out (with adapter cable). In Standard-Midi Mode the Flute get the power from an external accu.

It depends on Modell and Equipment you select.
Additional Equipment will be available, if you can order the Kits.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a message as comment.
On complex Questions a Skype session, Live Chat and creating a ticket (support) is possible to.

Technical Specifications

Technical data :

– 12 Sensor keys (incl. Halftone Up, Halftone down) + additional Controllersensors like Pitchbend etc..

– Direct access of 5 Octaves. Octaves can be moved up or down in the Octaverange of 10 Octaves.

– Transpose button / function.

– German or Baroque flute fingering (one halftone up, one halftone down button sep.).

– Define your own fingering and load it into the flute

– USB midi out interface (Midi In for configuration) . Flute works on Tablet PC’s (Tablet needs a host mode !). Tested with different models.

– Standard Midi Out (optional)

– Breath controller (with calibration function / auto calibration).

– Midi : Switchable between Breath controller output (cc2), output with volume control (cc7) instead of Breath control and map to cc11,  map to cc11, map to cc7, output as Aftertouch and AfterTouch with fixed volume (for study).

– Configurable Sensor buttons (Autocalibration)

– Configurable Breath controller (Sensitivy, Delay…)

– Additional  Controllers available and configurable with the PC-Software (like pitchbend up, pitchbend down, vibrato, portamento…)

– The Flute is fully configurable with the included PC-Software.

– You can add 8 Program Change or CC commands (storable)

– The Flute has a build in Note-Filter per Octave, so you can address max. 5 Instruments directly (one per octave).

– Target is a slow machine function. It reduces the amount of Breathcontrol data you send to the target synth. That gives you the possibility to play on a weak Tablet or slow Softwaresynth. You lost a little bit of accuracy, but it works fine.

– Turn the large Sensor buttons in the position you need.  For left or right handed, short or long fingers.

– Different mouthpieces are available (with Valve, in short with additional BiteSensor)

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