The first Information of our Midi-Flute Model 2017

New Pocket Sista Modell 2017:

Pocketsista 2017 Side

PocketSista 2017 Front

The design has changed.  It looks like the BigOne, but is without Display only 4 cm in width and rd. 26 cm long.
We will inform you about the new prices in the next few days.

The Midi-Flute has the same technical specs as the 2016 Pocket Sista with following changes:

  • It has the fast CPU on board.
  • The Pocket Sista 2017 has Halftone up and Halftone down button
  • The new Midi Flute has Pitchbend up/down and Vibratocontroller integrated.
  • As Option, we can deliver the Midi-Flute with a display. With an ordered display, the flute is longer (rd. 30/32 cm – We need the space for the display :)).

First look at our Proto SlideWhistle (The new Bro):

Bro Slidewhistle

Specs: 4 Octave SlideWhistle