Frequently asked Questions :

What is in the Kit’s ?
– In the Kit is all the material, that you can build a complete Midi Flute and some spare parts like Sensor Buttons.

Do I need to touch the screws ?
– No! There is  no need to touch the screw directly. Your Sensor area is the complete black button.

The mouthpiece comes in two parts. Which glue do I need to use?
– The artifice comes in two parts, so you have the possibility to turn the valve hole slightly to the right or left so that the air flow of the valve does not disturb you. When you have found the right position for yourself (the valve should point downwards when playing), so that the air and moisture can flow well!) Glue the mouthpiece with a suitable glue suitable for PLA. We use UHU All plast.
Caution: The adhesive must be suitable for PLA plastic. Otherwise, damage / deformation of the mouthpiece may occur.

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