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Fully assembled or DIY Midi-Flute Kits and Accessoirs

Aktuelle Lieferzeiten ca. 21-31 Tage Werktage/ Actual Delivery time 21-31 Days working days (plus Transport)

Attention: Delivery PocketSista only by prior arrangement! Our supplier has changed the production of the housing. These cases are now too narrow and old cases are very rare. We are working to get new matching housings or to create another housing.

Please understand that we can not accept orders through our shop with order quantitys of more then 3 pieces per Sista / Bro or Big One. If you wish to order larger quantities, please ask in advance by e-mail, so that we can clarify the delivery times. We do not produce in stock, only on customer orders. To serve many customers as possible with low delivery time, we need to introduce such a restriction.

products are produced according to specific customer requirements.
Thus we are able to respond flexibly to the market (including the procurement market). Furthermore, the kit contains items such as software or hygienic products, which can not be withdrawn after opening the package. Please note and remember this if you order!

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